My impressions of the performance

Oliver Twist by Ch. Dickens


American Drama Group Europe had a performance while touring Croatia. They were in Zagreb for two days. As a part of our English class by Ms. Mak, our class went to see a performance based on a popular novel by Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist” on the 13th of March. The play itself was amazing but what really left an impression on me were the actors and their acting.

Since they got in an unusual situation of missing two actors who had fallen ill they had to think of something and improvise. They were really brave and I think they did their very best. The sheer amount of talent and effort astounded me and since I love going to the theater regularly this was a very different and refreshing experience. There were only three actors and they played all the characters brilliantly. They were changing their voices and had hats on which represented each different character.

They left all the other details to our imagination so I felt very much included. I don’t know if the play was supposed to be serious but they made use of their situation and made it funny in some ways and in others they were serious. The play was full of emotions and if you didn’t see them but only heard them you could make out every character easily and what they felt. I was pretty surprised when the teacher said they were from America as I couldn’t even tell that! This play was totally different and unique experience, the actors approached us as their friends and that made me feel really happy and even made me want to meet them. Overall I think the book and the play are very different but both bring their own experience and emotions to the students.

-“The message was very clearly given across”

-“It was very easy to understand and was very realistic”

-“They amazingly provoked my emotions and were very passionate”

-“It was funny because of the confusion”

-“This was my very first play in English and was amazing”

Petra Rastić, 2.A



My impressions of the performance


On the day of 13th of March we went to the teather Vidra to watch Oliver Twist. It was an anusual performance because half of the actors were missing but that didn’t bother me. The actors managed to pull their roles and it wasn’t confusing to understand the plot. There was only one scene during the whole performance which in my opinion was a good choice because we could really focues on the actuall story. In the end I think we all enjoyed the play. It was entertaining and at the end of the day tha’s all that matters.

Emanuel Križić, 2.B


My Impressions of a Theatre Performance


Our class went to see an American Drama Group touring in Croatia performing Oliver Twist. I think the show was great and I liked it a lot. Even though it was improvised and two actors were too sick to perform, the show was brilliant. With its simple costumes, one scene set and changing hats mid-scene to indicate the change of characters, it encouraged us to use our imagination. Overall, the actors were very professional and the audience behaved well, the show lasted about 70 minutes and the plot was perfectly understandable, although it was in English.


Valentina Dušak, 2.B